RCL Touch Corporate league 2019

As every year in May, RCL Touch is organising its now famous Corporate Touch. This year we welcome 3 new teams: EQT, Talkwalker Yetis and Schroders that we hope will enjoy the Tournament as much as we do!

The teams present this year are:

  • Amazon
  • Aperam
  • BBH
  • Buvette & Co
  • Clearstream
  • EQT
  • Fundrock
  • ING Lions
  • JP Morgan
  • Schroders
  • St George’s Dragons
  • Talkwalker Yetis

We expect up to 170 players and 18 referees!


 Games will take place on Wednesdays, first tap off at 7pm, second tap off at 7.45 and last one at 8.30.

  • Location will be Stade Boy Konen in Cessange. Food and drink options will be available.
  • 30-35min games split in two halves.
  • 6 players per team on the pitch (minimum of 2 girls on the pitch at any one time), with unlimited substitutions.
  • Recommended to have team of a minimum 9/10 players (to have substitutes/cover holidays).
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