2018 ETCs

For the 2018 European Touch Championships (ETC) Luxembourg is proud to be sending 2 teams to the tournament in Nottingham in July – a Men’s Open team and a Mens Over 40’s team.

There is obviously a mix of ages across the 2 teams with the Men’s Open having several junior rugby players within the squad, the youngest being 15, while the Mens 40s have an average age more on the generous side of 40, with the oldest player being 53 years young.

There is also a mix of experience amongst the players. Some will be attending their 3rd or 4th European Championships, whilst others have been playing touch for less than a year and this will be their first exposure to rep level and international touch.

The teams are looking forward to the event and have being holding trainings at either Weimerskirch or Cessange on Sunday mornings. Here’s some shots of the lads in action…..

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